Let’s Live Together, But First…

Couples often decide to live together (cohabitate) without considering the pitfalls should the relationship terminate, especially if they obtain assets together, such as real property, bank accounts, and in the case of Nikki Bella and John Cena, an increase in their careers and reputation as a result of the relationship. Nikki Bella and her sister Brie, have a very successful television show, Total Bellas, which featured John Cena quite a bit as Nikki and John had a very long standing relationship and much of their relationship was televised in this series. Many couples reduce to writing the terms of the relationship in the event the relationship terminates, which was the case with Nikki and John. While it takes away from the romance and turns the relationship into more of a business deal, in some instances, doing so may be necessary.
Read the People.com article and view the Youtube clip of Nikki Bella and John Cena provided in the Required Reading and Resources section for this Unit, and then answer this prompt:
Do you agree with John Cena’s reasoning for wanting Nikki Bella to sign the cohabitation agreement? Why or why not?
There is no evidence that either Nikki or John’s careers were enhanced by their very public relationship and we do not have access to the cohabitation agreement itself; however, for this exercise, let’s say there was no language in the agreement as to any enhancement of either party’s career/reputation and how that would be handled in the event the relationship terminated. Let’s also say that there actually was an increase in at least one of their careers/reputation. Discuss at least one remedy the complaining party may seek as examined in your textbook and whether it would apply to this scenario. Remember to cite the specific pages of the textbook after your answer.

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