Financial sustainability analysis of health insurance scheme

The purpose of this assessment is to familiarise students with the process of undertaking a financial sustainability analysis of an existing social protection scheme.
a. You are required to choose a social protection scheme (e.g. specific pension scheme or specific healthcare insurance scheme, or specific social assistance scheme) in a developing country and undertake empirical financial data analysis of the chosen scheme.
b. In your financial sustainability discussion, you are supposed to discuss how fiscal, governance, demographic, and economic environments or factors could impact on the financial sustainability of your selected social protection scheme.
1. For methodology, you can either use Income and Expenditure Statement or Cash Flow Statement for a minimum of 5 previous years for the chosen scheme. Any ratio analysis must be in addition to either Income and Expenditure Statement or Cash Flow Statement.
2. Income and expenditure or Cash flow tables should be included in the empirical analysis section 4 but NOT in appendix.
3. No actuarial or statistical projection analysis required.
4. In addition to the main report, you are also required to include your raw data for the analysis in the appendix and any other Tables or Graphs.
5. You should analyse a specific Social Protection Scheme but NOT a Social Protection System

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