Final Self-Assessment

The final assessment project is the last piece of writing which allows you the chance to demonstrate what you have learned throughout the course this semester. Throughout the semester you have read, discussed, and written about many ideas that provided different points of view on a variety of subjects. Now, you will turn your newly-honed critical thinking and analyzing skills onto yourself and your performance this semester.
You may either write a standard essay or you may format your assessment in letter form addressed to me or even to yourself. You should take care to identify areas both of strengths and weaknesses, providing honest self-assessment. Remember that accurate self-assessment of a weakness or failure with identification of strategies for redesign and improvement provides evidence of significant and important learning. Your final, honest, accurate, detailed self-assessment can be the most powerful evidence of real learning.
Be as specific and concrete as possible about what stood out for you about this experience; include as much detail as you think is necessary to provide a clear idea of your learning experience. You do not have to address all of the following questions; however, these questions should give you an idea of how to proceed with this final assignment:
What are my weaknesses and strengths as a writer?
What have I learned about myself as a critical thinker and writer?
Has my metaphor changed from the beginning of the semester?
What have I learned about my individual writing process? In other words, what writing strategies worked for you, and what writing strategies do you plan on using in the future?
How have I grown as a critical thinker?
How have I learned to use technology tools to improve my writing and research skills?
How have I learned to locate, evaluate, and cite sources?
How will you take responsibility for improving your writing, critical thinking, and reading skills in the future?
Did I do more or less than was expected by the instructor? by me? Why, or why not?
What do I now understand best about this subject? least well?
My strongest and weakest points as a student? What did I do to improve the weak points? What will I do next?
What do I need to learn next about this subject?
What was most satisfying about the class? most frustrating? your responsibility for each?
Has the course irritated you? stimulated you? touched you personally? What did you expect to learn? What did you actually learn? more or less, and why?
Your assessment should be about two pages, and it is worth fifty points.
Like all other assignments, I’ll be looking for content as well as writing correctness.

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