the research question is
Research Question: To what extent are all serial killers alike?
Argument: I necessarily believe that serial killers are alike within
many ways such as not being able to love or have been loved l. I believe
serial killers share a certain gene that’ll necessarily have them with
the outrageous behaviors when intending to kill.
you can carry on with this.
This assignment is considered as the culmination of 2 semesters of
Composition. You have learned how to write college essays and now need
to expand to the longer even more formal paper: The Research Paper.
You may not know this but in doing the either or both the Argument
Essay and Literary Analysis Essay you have already learned the basic
structure of the research paper. It’s very much like those essays only
I. The paper should end up between 5-7 pages
2. MLA Format (you can use another format if you clear it with me ahead of time)
3. You will have a total of 4-6 outside sources( i provided 3 links and one article from the library.)
4. Of those outside sources, at least one from a college database
5. There will be no chance to do a rewrite on this assignment
6. This paper will be done over a month and done in specific stages and those stages ore:
A) Background on how to do the paper (like what this is)
B) Topic chosen. Research question and statement. (10)
C) Show your sources (10)
D) I st Draft is the I st 2 paragraphs of your paper (10)
E) 2nd Draft are the middle paragraphs (10)
F) 3rd draft is everything including format together for final review
G) Paper due
H) You will get class time in the library to work on you r paper. Use that time well.
7. Your topics will come from your major reading.
The best approach is to NOT OVERLY STRESS about this project. You will
complete things in stages and then piece it all together at the end
three of the sources are listed below used ( if these website links provided arent the best ones you can look up other ones)

From Abused Child to Serial Killer: Investigating Nature vs Nurture in Methods of Murder

the link below is another link from the library i

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