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Chambers, D. E., & Bonk, J. F. (2014). Social Policy and Social Programs (6th Edition). Pearson Education (US). https://capella.vitalsource.com/books/9780133557435
Last name, First Initial. Second Initial. Year of Publication. Title of Book (Edition of book if later than 1st ed). Publisher name.
Check for accuracy before use
Use your Social Policy and Social Programs text to complete the following:
Read Chapter 5, “Who Gets What, How Much, Under What Conditions: Analysis of Eligibility Benefits,” pages 80–105.
Use the Capella Library to complete the following:
Schmidt, L., & Sevak, P. (2004). AFDC, SSI, and welfare reform aggressiveness: Caseload reductions versus caseload shifting. Journal of Human Resources, 39(3), 792–812.
Improving Program Services Without Increasing Costs
For this discussion, consider the following:
A public program requires prior contributions to meet a minimal threshold amount before it distributes benefits. However, the contribution amount is excessively high for many families, especially minorities in your community. Describe how you could attempt to correct this issue without greatly increasing costs.
Use this unit’s readings to inform your post and discussion.
Response Guidelines
Respond to at least one other learner by offering an alternative solution, supporting your comments with course readings.
Make your post by Thursday of this week. Respond to at least one other learner by Sunday.
Discussion Participation Scoring Guide.
AFDC, SSI, and Welfare Reform Aggressiveness: Caseload Reductions Versus Caseload Shifting.

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