Culture heritage and the humanities

Once you have finished, answer the following questions by listing them on a document and thoroughly answering them in paragraph format. You must include at least one resource in addition to the assignment readings. Cite all resources used and include internal citations and a reference list per APA requirements. See the APA LibGuide for more information about APA documentation.
Based on what you have learned in class this week, define tangible cultural heritage and write a brief summary of why saving tangible cultural heritage matters.
Explain what the true Monuments Men were tasked with doing and provide one specific example of an artifact they are known to have reclaimed. In regards to the artifact you choose, be sure to provide the following information with details from the research:
What was the artifact?
Where was the artifact originally from?
Why did the artifact matter? (Consider its overall significance and its cultural significance.)
Read through the List of World Heritage in Danger at (Links to an external site.)and choose one contemporary example of a tangible cultural heritage in danger. Note: You must choose a tangible cultural heritage site. To do this, look for a red diamond next to the area on the list as seen on the Legend:
HUM205_unit 1 cultural site image.PNG
State the cultural site you have chosen for #3 and briefly explain its cultural significance. Why is the site endangered? Based on what you have learned, why is it important to protect it?
Important: Documented research is required for all resources used, even assigned readings. For more information on plagiarism, please visit Purdue Owl

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