Chicano Studies

Write an essay responding to the questions. Make an argument. Please indicate which questions you are responding to.
1. Why is the field of sociology an important discipline (site of knowledge) to address social issues and experiences of Chicanx, Latinx, and Indigenous peoples? What does sociology offer? What are its limitations?
2. What are the central components of C. Wright Mills’ “sociological imagination”? How do these tools/methods assist us in addressing social inequalities in our society? According to DuBois, what is “the problem of the colorline”? Are these analyses offered by Mills and DuBois still relevant today? How do the theories, tools, methods of sociology or a sociological perspective (such as the ones put forward by Mills and DuBois) assist in analyzing race, racism, and white supremacy? Think about: Andrea Smith’s article.
Cite at least three (3) sources from the readings (in the Google Drive) to support your analysis and argument. Use proper citations. For example, for a direct quote, detail: (author, year, page number) of the source you are citing.

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