Brand Extension: Nike Gaming

Describe your extended brand and its new product. Evaluate this extension idea with three criteria discussed in class (Attributes, Benefits, Values)
2. Define the customer group that the extended brand will serve. Explain an unmet or under-met need of this group with supporting material. Explain how the new product will satisfy this need.
3. Describe how the new product will benefit society.
4. Create a positioning statement for the extended brand. Use the format: To (target customers and
their need), (brand/product) is (concept) that offers (differentiated value).
5. Provide marketing mix recommendations. At minimum, include your ideas for branding elements (e.g., name, slogan, character), product price and pricing strategy (cost-based, competitor-based, or value-based), retailor choices and distribution intensity (intensive, exclusive, or selective), and IMC (promotion tools to use). Provide justifications for each of your recommendations.
6. As part of promotion strategy, develop a persuasive message (unique selling proposition), and create one promotion material, such as an advertisement, that illustrates the message.

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