argumentative essay

Make an argument about the state of today’s culture/society that is reflected in an element of modern media (a news story, song, movie, tv, artist, etc.). The Odyssey, The Bible, Rousseau’s Second Discourse, and The Song of Solomon are formative texts to our modern culture. How do these texts connect to today’s media and culture? Use at least two of the course’s required texts to support your argument. Be sure to include a counterargument.
Your work should be organized around a focused thesis statement.
Avoid stating generalities and interpretations as statements of fact. Be sure to provide examples from the texts to avoid generalizations that are unexplained or unsupported.
Consider your audience. At the college level, your audience is not just your professor, but rather the larger academic community. Allow this notion to elevate your work.
Using MLA format, provide citations for all your quotes and paraphrasing.
1100 word minimum. 1500 word maximum. Include your word count at the top of your paper.
The final paper is due Friday, May 13 (by 12 am, midnight on Schoology) no late papers will be accepted.
Formatting: Double Spaced, 12 pt. font, Times New Roman Font
You are highly encouraged to go to the Writing Center.
At the top of the page, please put:
Your name
Assignment Title
Word Count
I already have a thesis statement prepared which I will put at the bottom of this and hope you can go off of that.
Thesis-When they see us is a limited series Tv show that serves as a stark revelation into societal flaws, such as false accusations. This comes as a result of assuming the worst in people, racially-charged stereotypes, and flaws within the legal code.
please try and build off of the thesis I have provided and the instructions I have given.

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