Are the methods used by Honneth fit to identify social justice for our purpose?

This is an essay plan that will consist of 4 main paragraphs
and two references annotated. I have provided and attached a previous essay
plan I have done before and I want you to use it as a format or an example to
what standards the essay plan needs to be, I highly request this essay plan to
be better than the one I have provided.
In this short essay plan, the first paragraph
will be the introduction so please make sure to write an introduction that includes
a clear statement that YOU DO NOT agree that Axel Honneth methods are fit to
identify social justice for our purpose. Make sure to follow the format of the essay
plan attached by writing down the essay question “Are the methods used by
Honneth fit to identify social justice for our purpose? Discuss.” and please write
down a title you think matches the essay question or perhaps write down a title
clarifies which views is followed for this essay plan.
The 1st paragraph should be the introduction
which needs to be clear and provide an overall aim of the essay plan. Make sure
to mention Honneth’s methods or arguments but more importantly mention that you
do not agree with his theories or methods and many other philosophers such as Schaub
do no not agree with his critical theory. Following the introduction, the next
3 paragraphs are titled Section 1,2 and 3 as seen in the previous essay plan
attached to this. You must include under each section, an analysis of either Honneth’s
main methods or criticism provided by Philosophers such as Schaub.
Finally, a brief annotated bibliography. Below I have
provided 2 different references, you must use them for this essay plan, make
sure to write a couple of sentences describing what the source is and why it
will help in gaining a better perspective on the direction I want when writing
a full 3000 word essay. Please look at how I did it in the previous essay plan
for any help on the annotation part.
Make sure to mention and use these two references:
– Freedom Right: The Social foundations of democratic life. Axel Honneth. pages 1-68. Here is the link the refernces/reading:
– Misdevelopments, Pathologies and Normative Revolutions: Normative Reconstruction as Method of Critical Theory. Jorg Schaub. Here is the link to the article:

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