What’s Your Gender Pay Gap?

What’s Your Gender Pay Gap?
Contemporary Gender Issues in the Economy
For this assignment, students will write a 4-page paper that analyzes the concept of the wage gap and explores what the gender pay gaps (wage gap) look like in their prospective professional industries.
Writing your paper:
Introduction: Choose an area of focus. This should be closely connected to the field of work that you would like to pursue or are already pursuing. Construct a clear topic statement and introduction.
Data: Present a discussion of the data you collected in your research. Refer to any charts and tables and explain what they mean. Identity any variations that you observed. For example, did the wage gap change when taking other factors into account? Discuss any other key observations made.
Critical Analysis & Reflection: After discussing your data, what were your thoughts and initial reactions? What information from this week’s discussion on women in the economy, are helpful for understanding the data you have presented? What solutions do you think would be most beneficial for addressing and ameliorating gaps in wages in the occupation that you studied?
Citations should be included on a separate reference page (MLA

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