Week 6 Writing Forum

just follow the instructions and choose three sources about Dalai Lama and tibet buddhism
Write a 100-200-word abstract that includes the following:
One to three sentences to introduce the issue and its significance (see the Conceptual Problem and Significance Worksheet (Links to an external site.))
One sentence that presents your level-3 question
One to three sentences with your tentative answer, your working thesis, using the following formula: TS = O + S + A + Rs / Thesis Sentence (TS) = Opposition (O) + Subject (S) + Assertion (A) + Reasons (Rs) (For more information about this formula and crafting your thesis, see )
In-text citations as needed
Create an annotated bibliography that includes the following:
At least three sources, at least one of which is a scholarly peer-reviewed article from an academic journal related to your project’s topic. These sources should be different from (but, ideally, are in addition to!) the sources you noted in the Week 4 WF (see the MMW 13 Library Guide (Links to an external site.) to access databases, as well as resources to help guide you in your research)
A two-sentence annotation for each source: 1) 1 sentence that summarizes the source’s argument/significance as it relates to your project 2) 1 sentence that explains how you plan on using the source in your paper, using the DAB (Links to an external site.) approach.
Source entries that are written in correct MLA format (they do not have to be indented as they will be on the Works Cited page you submit with your final paper, but they should include all necessary citation information, correctly punctuated and font formatted

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