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I have written the first page of the following assignment but need 2 more pages single spaced. I will attach what I have so far. unfortunaltely I don’t have time to do the rest because of other finals and work. you can go through each section below and answer each of the following. Each section must have a header, The professors wants short conscise writing and bullet points/charts where possible to make it easier to read in a short amount of time.
For this assignment, you will write a 2.5-3-page memo to a lawmaker or another government decision
maker. The memo’s purpose is to update the reader on your policy analysis progress. You will draw
upon what you have learned about 1) numbers, and 2) learning from existing policies, and 3) analysis of
causes of the problem. Note that you will not be making a recommendation, but explaining what
you’ve done so far to develop an understanding of the problem and the policy/policies being studied.
The Sections of this Memo (about 7-8 paragraphs total):
You may use the same issue from Memo 1 (I recommend this); you will do some additional research this
time, to find further information about the problem and the policies. I will post some tips for where to
look for policy information on Canvas, but standard web-based searches, and searches of online
media are recommended to start.
1. Header. Begin the memo with the proper header. Consult class materials for reference.
2. Introduction (1 paragraph). Introduce the purpose and provide a brief summary or takeaway of your
findings so far.
3. Number Analysis (1-2 paragraphs)
Choose at least two numbers, or sets of numbers, or data visualizations used in the policy research on
your issue, and explain how it sheds light on the problem or the policy implementation so far. What kind
of number is it (in Best’s terms)? How is each number helpful and informative in your learning about the
policy issue? What are the limitations of each number in learning about the policy issue? That is: What
aspects of the policy problem does it reveal, and what aspects does it hide? What messages does the
number convey about the importance of the problem? Do you have a sense of who uses the number in
the discussions and debates about the issue, and why they might use it?
4. Lessons from policy implementation (2 paragraphs):
Choose two takeaways about the policy or the policy problem that emerge when analyzing how well
existing policies are working to address the problem, and how they fall short. Provide evidence to
support the lessons. How do these lessons deepen your understanding of the problem and how it has
been addressed so far?
5. Analyzing cause and effect (2 paragraphs)
Present two causal stories about a policy problem that you find in the policy research and/or policy
debates about your issue. Explain which category of Stone’s typology this story falls into. There are two types of actions under Stone’s typology:
Is the casue and effect Unguided – they just happen
or is the cause and effect Purposeful – someone does something intentionally, knowingly
What does each story reveal about the problem? What does each story hide? Who is deemed responsible for the
problem in each story, and who suffers from it? What policy solutions would follow or be recommended
based upon each story?
6. Summary (1 paragraph). You summarize your findings to date and let the reader know that the next
update will include consideration of policy alternatives and a recommendation.
5. Reference. Provide citations for the articles and sources you used, besides the class readings.

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