Sports Science / Statistics Abstract

Maximum 300 words – excluding tables/headings are references that’s why I made it one page, but if two pages are needed please contact me I’m willing to make an extra charge.
OPTION OF 2 QUESTIONS: You can decide
1) Iodine intake in women of childbearing age
2) Bone density in athletes taking part in different sports
– Write Answers in the format of an abstract, the abstract should include the following headings: introduction, methods, results, and discussion. I will attach a file below, it was requested to follow exact formatting instructions ( including the use of headings for this assignment), Most important things are the tables and graphs, as well as the choice and interpretation of the statistical analysis, this assignment is demonstrated to test your ability to present and summarise data appropriately.
– MUST USE SPSS software and use data provided in files ( additional material) to use those statistics for the abstract.
– Abstracts must be prepared using 12 point times new roman, double spaced
– Below I added files for the Mark Scheme, and the assignment guidance where you will find all information. Furthermore as previously mentioned the file for statistics must use SPSS software.
– The two files I dropped below are in excel because I don’t have SPSS software downloaded, please use SPSS for the assignment.
– The last two files are both data the statistics needed. Both are for different questions, whoever is writing this assignment has to pick one of these to do whichever they feel more comfortable with. The Nutrition document is regarding the iodine, and the sports one is bone density.
– In the iodine statistics 1.00 in the consumer column means Vegeterian and 2.00 means vegan

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