Research Paper Part 2: Capital Punishment

I will include Part 1 in the uploaded files so you can base Part 2 on it. Please include peer reviewed articles.
1. Revise and correct the Introduction Section submitted for Part 1
2. Write the Body of Your Paper. This should include the following sections:
Discussion of the historical and current correctional approaches used to address the issue, including:
How was this issue addressed historically?
How is this issue being addressed at the current point in time?
Presentation and discussion of evidence to support the current/historical correctional approaches
Presentation and discussion of evidence to refute the current/historical correctional approaches
Argument to support “your” suggested correctional approach(es) to address the issue. This should include:
A discussion weighing the approaches discussed in the previous section of the paper
Arguments in support of “your” suggested approach(es) based upon the empirical evidence
Discussion of the application of your approach(es)
Conclusion. This should include:
Brief review of what the paper has presented to the reader
Brief discussion of the likely social/economic/political impact of your suggested approaches
Suggestions for future research to examine the effectiveness of your suggested approaches
3. Revise and finalize your Preliminary Reference List
1. The body of the final paper (i.e. the main text excluding cover page, table of contents, and reference page) should be approximately 10-12 pages in length.
2. The body of the paper must be double-spaced, in Times New Roman 12 point font (or a similar font).
3. The reference page and all in text citations must be in APA style.
4. The final paper must include the following components:
Cover page
Table of Contents
Introduction Section
Body of the paper
Reference Page
Body of the Paper
Introduction- Discusses the issue, its social / political / economic relevance, and the importance of finding the proper correctional approach to address the issue.
Discussion of Current/Historical Approaches- Identifies and discusses the correctional approaches used historically / currently.
Evidence to Support Current/Historical Approaches- Presentation and discussion of research evidence to support current correctional approaches (or innovative approaches)
Evidence to Refute Current/Historical Approaches-Presentation and discussion of research evidence to refute current correctional approaches
Argument to Support your Suggested Approaches- Discussion weighing evidence. Argument supporting your suggested approach and the application of your approach.
Discussion/Conclusion- Brief review of what the paper has presente. Discussion of likely social/economic/political impact of suggested approach. Suggestions for future research to examine effectiveness of approaches.
Stylistic Requirements:
Cover page 0.5 pt
Table of Contents 0.5 pt
Body of paper
Double spaced 0.5 pt
Appropriate 12 point font 0.5 pt
Proper APA style of in-text citations 1 pt
Includes a Reference Page 0.5 pt
APA Format on Reference Page 1 pt
Total number of sources (at least 10) 0.5 pt
8+ peer-reviewed research journal sources 1 pt

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