persuasive speech outline

Double-spaced, 1 inch margins,
12 point font, Times New Roman. It should be between 6 and 7 pages including the
reference page.
a. Look at the sample outline so you can see the formatting. Do
not copy any of the content from the sample outline!
b. The symbolization and indentations need to match perfectly.
i. Main points are indicated by a roman numeral (I., II., III., etc.), supporting
ideas are capital letters (A., B., C., etc.), sub-supporting ideas are numbers
(1., 2., 3., etc.), then we move to lowercase letters (a., b., c., etc.), and
finally lowercase roman numerals (i., ii., iii., etc.).
ii. Use the Numbering Library drop down in Microsoft Word to get the
proper symbolization.
3. Outline needs to have complete sentences and look exactly like the posted sample.
4. Your references page should be on a separate page from your outline.
5. Of your 4 sources, only 1 can be a free webpage (meaning something you found by just
a. You cannot use Wikipedia or the Dictionary as a source.
6. All sources used must be cited in the text of your outline as well. Citations must be in
APA style. No MLA!
please make sure all the high lighted in yellow from the sample outline is what you include in to myoutline..
I have copy the 3 library sources i will use, you can use what ever free web

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