Olympic Games and Mega Sport Events

Project 2 (45%)- Olympic Games
Critically review the organisation of a previous Olympic Games from the list provided below. The review of the selected Olympic Games can focus one key functional area or up to four key functional areas (no more than four!). Some of the areas that can be examined include (but are not limited to):transportation; venue design and management; ticketing; broadcasting; media management (press, radio, new media); public relations; marketing; ceremonies (opening and closing); sport competition; test event; workforce planning (including volunteer management; finance; and sponsorship. The analysis can focus on the successful features of an event (i.e. volunteer management at Sydney 2000) or the failures (i.e. finance and budgetary issues at Montreal 1976), or both. One of the Olympic Games can be analysed from the following list:
Summer Olympic Games
Athen 1896
Melbourne 1956
Tokyo 1964
Montreal 1976
Los Angeles 1984
Barcelona 1992
Sydney 2000
Beijing 2008
London 2012
Winter Olympic Games
Chamonix 1924
Calgary 1988
LilleHammer 1994
Nagano 1998
Vancouver 2010

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