NUR 4636L: 7 Journals

You can go ahead and for the facility you can talk about Jackson Health Systems which is located in Miami, Florida and if I am given an actual facility by my professor I will let you know. Double-spaced, in 12-point, New Times Roman font using APA format.
Personal Goals & Objectives-Each student is required to submit at least one goal and at least 3 typewritten personal behavioral objectives. Behavioral objectives may be in the cognitive, affective,
and psychomotor domains. One or more of each is preferable. Document in final journals whether your goals and objectives for the semester were achieved.
Journal #1
Journal entry to reflect the theory models & educational tools used at your clinical facility, or select one to discuss. See facility website if applicable.
1. What theory models are used at your clinical site? Or select one which could apply.
2. Why is that theory model appropriate?
3. What educational tools are utilized by the theory model you have selected?
4. Are the educational tools appropriate to the clinical site? Why or why not?
5. What recommendations do you have regarding the educational tools used / or not being used at your clinical site?
Journal #2
Journal entry topic to reflect the nurse’s role as an educator, counselor, advocate and change agent in the community you are interacting with.
Apply each of the roles mentioned above at your clinical setting. Write an example of each, and how you were able to convey each role.
Journal #3
Journal entry topic to reflect the community nurse assisting the consumer to navigate through the health care system.
1. How have you been able to help the clients at your clinical site access the health care system?
2. What barriers are most common?
3. Have you been able to reduce those barriers? How? If not, why?
4. What recommendations would you suggest for the community to readily access health care system.
Journal #4
In practice, epidemiology will circle around, passing from qualifying outbreaks to assessing risk, to prevention, and back to qualifying outbreaks again. Just because an epidemic has been halted does not mean that it will not flare up again in the future.
1. What is currently being done at your clinical site regarding the recent COVID-19 virus pandemic?
2. What resources, plan or educational programs are being conducted at the clinical site as it relates to COVID-19?
Visit the website for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( Visit the COVID Data Tracker for Dade County for this week and what the forecast is predicting, include the report in the journal.
Journal #5
Analyze and document the ethnic composition demographics of patients currently served at the clinical site you are visiting:
1. How is the ethnic composition of the clinical site being addressed? Is there staff able to communicate and relate to the clients?
Is the demographic composition being enlarged by encouraging more involvement or is creating a different culture environment?
Journal# 6
Primary care is the foundation of our health care system and essential to better health outcomes, lower costs, and healthier families and communities.
It is:
· The first point of care
· Comprehensive, addressing all that contributes to a person’s health and well-being
· The care that follows a person from childhood through old age
· Coordination of care across settings and providers
1. What are the challenges to nurses who are generally seen as having less authority than doctors in the decision-making process related to patient care in primary care?
2. Does this perception increase patient negative outcomes?
3. Do historical stereotypes that influence current behaviors?
What would equal partnership in an inter-professional team look like?
Journal # 7
Based on the Community teaching you have prepared for your presentation:
1. How do you plan to evaluate the plan of care for effectiveness in your selected population?
2. Include how is the plan of care for your Community teaching:
a. Appropriate-suitable for a particular occasion or use?
b. Adequate-able to fill a requirement, sufficient or satisfactory?
c. Effective-producing an expected result; productive?

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