Non infectious diseases

Your first section could typically be headed “The nature of a range of non- infectious disease” (LO1) and have sub sections under this to summarise the causes and effects of a range of non-infectious diseases, including auto immune, inherited and congenital disorders (AC1.1). In ascertaining exactly what “a range” means in terms of this assignment, if you cover examples of an auto-immune disease, a disease that has links to inheritance factors & a congenital disorder then you will have achieved this assessment criteria. Don’t forget to cover their causes (and / or risk factors) & effects.
Your second section could typically be headed “The relationship between disease and life style” (LO2) and have sub sections under this to explain the epidemiology of cardiovascular disease (CVD) (AC2.1) & evaluate the Sid the Slug health promotion campaign (2.2).

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