Global Economic Summit

Overall Feedback
Abstract – tells the reader what your paper is about and what they should learn by reading it. Nothing more.
Relook APA header format.
Initial look at ToC…paper should be 20 pages, and I see less than 10.
Relook list of appendices and tables formatting for APA.
Don’t start a paragraph with Furthermore. This is a continuation of a thought word…but a paragraph defines a new thought…
Don’t attach files into a report. If I print this, I get nothing. Think about how professional reports are presented. “For length, readability and formatting purposes this matrix, was embedded into the deliverable of this section ” – No. Use an appendix and reference it.
“Cyberthreats” – two words.
“Cyberthreats have increased at a high rate threatening most organizations worldwide. ” – You just made a lot of claims here with no evidence or citations.
“Famous businesses are being targeted highly by most malicious cyberthreats, stealing, andcorrupting their critical data leading to severe problems. ” – such as…relook how you present. This type of writing is vague and full of pitfalls for the reader. It ends up introducing more questions than answering.
I have no idea what is going on in this transnational legal compliance section…what have you assessed? where is the evidence? what is the takeaway? What impact do these have on your event? Same for the international standards section. What is the reader supposed to take away from all this. Its not their job to do the analysis…its your job as the author to do the work and present it to the reader in order to convince them of something…what is that?
Whole report needs to be relooked at. Woefully thin on content and presentation of material. There is so much more that needs to be in here. 20 pages is the minimum. What were you tasked with for project 1? What is your analysis? What was your process? I can’t answer anything here. Everything is presented as a random inclusion…what is the story here for this report? Where are your references to the appendices?

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