Gender Roles/Inequality

Assignment Goal: Your primary goal is to examine a current, pressing issue related to human development in two periods of development. Based on your understanding of research and theory related to development (from the assigned materials and lectures this semester), you will make informed, well-reasoned claim(s) about how the issue impacts developing individuals and provide suggestions for addressing the issue. This paper builds on the work we have done all semester. I WANT TO WRITE ABOUT GENDER INEQUALITIES AND HOW GENDER ROLES ARE ENGRAVED IN OUR BRAINS FROM A YOUNG AGE. SINCE IT IS A PRESSING ISSUE THAT WE GO THROUGH DAY TO DAY I WANT TO TALK ABOUT HOW IMPORTANT ITIS TO BREAK SOME OF THE STEREOTYPES
Review relevant readings and videos materials assigned this semester.
You must incorporate (and cite) information from the Lally & Valentine-French (2019) textbook
You must incorporate (and cite) a minimum of 3 of the other assigned materials from this semester (e.g., videos, readings) in your paper.
Identify, read, and annotate at least two new credible sources (e.g., articles) on your specific issue.
Acceptable Sources
Reports or websites from government or child development organizations (e.g., NIH- National Institute of Health, NICHD-National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, APA-American Psychological Association, CDC-Center for Disease Control, Medlineplus)
Articles from reputable newspapers (e.g. Washington Post, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, etc.)- these can be hardcopy or online
Articles from reputable magazines (e.g., Scientific American, National Geographic, American Psychological Association, etc.)- these can be hard copy or online
If you would like to use an empirical (research article), you must have it approved by Prof. Foust first.
Unacceptable Sources
Any other sources that were not listed in the acceptable section
Introduction- Frame the paper for the reader. Identify the issue and the developmental periods to be discussed. Explain why it is an issue that deserves attention at this moment in time. Include a purpose statement!
Body – Compare how the issue affects individuals in two periods of development (i.e., infancy, early childhood, middle childhood, adolescence, emerging adulthood, middle adulthood, or late adulthood). Use relevant theories and research from the assigned materials to support any claims you make.
Describe key cognitive, social, and physical development during each period. Use evidence from the required resources to support any claims you make.
Identify & describe strengths
Identify and describe weaknesses
Discuss the similarities and differences in how the issue impacts individuals in the two periods.
Compare the impact of the issue on physical development in the two developmental periods.
Compare the impact of the issue on cognitive development in the two developmental periods.
Compare the impact of the issue on social development in the two developmental periods.
Make at least 2 specific and realistic suggestions of what could be done to address the issue and benefit developing individuals in the periods you cover.
Be clear about what the action steps are and who should take them. The action steps should make sense given the information you provided in the context/scope. In other words, they should be a logical fit with the issue described and the related research/theory presented.
These are not vague suggestions but well-reasoned recommendations based on what research and theory say about human development.
NOTE: You must do more than simply summarize past materials. Think critically
about the connections between the assigned readings, videos, and lectures and your
selected issue. Bring together points/information from multiple readings to provide
support for the points you make.
Conclusion – Bring the paper to a close. Remind the reader of the key takeaways from the paper and the implications of the ideas presented.
References list- Include a list of the resources (articles, chapters, videos) used in your paper. The reference list should follow APA format.
The paper should be organized into paragraphs. Follow the tips provided in class.
This paper should be written in the third person perspective. Unlike your weekly journal reflections, this paper is not a place to discuss your personal experiences or observations.
This paper should be written in your own words but informed by the assigned materials. Do not rely on quotes. Use your paraphrasing and summarizing skills to incorporate information from the assigned materials and the 2 sources you selected. You must cite your work using APA formatted in-text citations. Work that has been copied from another source will receive a 0.
Use the following formatting (see resources on BB):
12-point,Times New Roman font
Double-spaced lines and 1-inch margins
Include page numbers
This is the final assignment for the semester. It should show that you understand the concepts and theories covered this semester. Vague or overly simplistic statements will not do here. Make sure you elaborate and present well-developed ideas.
I do not expect you to sound like a researcher who has been studying this for years, so resist the temptation to say things or use references & words that you don’t understand.

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