Budget management and staff management of a resort

Tony is the General Manager for the 4/5-star Oceanside Tropical Resort. The resort has an excellent reputation. It has a beautiful location, and the community and its population of the area are supportive of the resort. The local labor pool is excellent and having employment at the Oceanside Tropical Resort is actively sought by many, as soon as positions become available. Most employees are long term and enjoy and keep their jobs. Retention is not an issue, nor is quality service. Tony’s only true challenge is balancing staffing needs and quality standards with the variation between high season demand and low season demand, particularly in staffing the housekeeping department.
The Marketing team for the resort has worked hard to secure new business for the low season. They have been successful. They have landed a new contract with an incentive travel group which will see an increase in the occupancy in the low season of 50 rooms for each night of the group’s stay for the months of September and March. The high season for the hotel is from the beginning of October to the end of February. The low season begins 1 March and ends 30 September; March and September are part of the low season.
Tony now needs to focus his work on preparing for the increase in business for this and next year. Two years ago, he hired an executive housekeeper, Mel McLoone. Mel has done an excellent job with the housekeeping department, addressing any guest complaints quickly and systematically, so that complaints in the Rooms Division are next to none. She has kept the department budget on track and has delivered on all her main goals in the department, such as improving communications with the Front Office and the Sales Department and coordinating maintenance with the resort’s Maintenance Department. She is well liked by her staff.
Tony calls a meeting with Mel to discuss what needs to be planned for the upcoming busier September and March. The following are notes from this meeting.
Monday 9 March 2022
Meeting between Tony Phantom, General Manager, and Mel McLoone, Executive Housekeeper
Topic: Housekeeping preparations for increased business for September 2022 and March 2023
Tony: I have some exciting news. Marketing has secured a good contract with Way To Go Incentive Travel Group. Based on the contract, we will be charging our average low season room rate to this group, but our occupancy percentage during the months of September 2022 and March 2023 will increase, as this group will occupy 50 rooms each night of their stay. There will be one group of guests arriving on Sunday and departing on Wednesday, and another group of guests arriving on Wednesday and departing on Saturday. This pattern of arrival and departure will be the same for each week of the month, both September and March. As well, the groups will also be using some meeting rooms, banquet rooms, and of course, the restaurant and bar, and the pool and spa. They will arrive by bus. Check in is at 4pm with a welcome reception.
To prepare for this, I want you Mel to prepare a forecast budget and detailed staffing plan for the increased business for September 2022 and March 2023. Use the existing information provided by the Finance Department, create a report that shows what are our annual revenue and expenses for the Rooms Division Department. Create one report with the increased business in September and March, and one without the increase in business. I want to be able to show the ownership group the effect of this new piece of business.
Mel: This is great news Tony. Yes, I can do this. When do you need this information?
Tony: I need it on my desk no later than 5pm Wednesday 28 April 2022. I meet with the ownership group the following week.
Mel: I can do that.
Tony: That’s not all. By the same deadline, I also need your feedback on some ideas I have been reviewing about incentive and motivation plans for our housekeeping staff.
Mel: Oh, what’s this all about? I thought we were making good progress and you were pleased with the results.
Tony: Yes, that is true. Don’t get me wrong, what you are doing is great. I just want to look at some other ideas, and I want your input. Actually, what you report back to me, we will go with. I just want you to review the information and tell me what ideas will not work for us at the resort and why, and what idea will work for us at the resort and why. It is always good to review your operation. Sometimes things need to change, and yes, sometimes they need to remain the same. I believe, as you know, it is healthy to review what we do as we continue to growth and improve.
Mel: Okay, I get it.

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