Analyzing Advertising

For this exercise, consider an advertisement you’ve seen in the last few years that “stuck” in your memory? This could be a print ad, something you saw online, or a television ad.
1. What was the ad for? Please embed an image or video link in your post.
Why does this ad stick out in your memory? Was it the message, the imagery, the presentation of the product, or something else? Consider this quote from your book: “Advertisers are aggressive in using new ways to expose you to their messages,” so why did this particular stand out when you essentially consume advertising around the clock?
What might you consider/discover about this ad using some of your new media literacy skills that you may not have considered when you first saw it?
2. Discuss the effectiveness of this ad.
Did you purchase/use this product as a result of this ad? If it was for a service/business, did you patronize this business? Why or why not?
Are you are the target audience for this ad? If so, what elements of this ad tell you that it was “made” for you? How do you think this ad was/would be received by people not in that target audience demographic? For example: Consider the latest ads for the iPhone 14 (14? 15? 78? Which one are we even on now?!) and why Apple would emphasize certain functions/aesthetics – because they appeal to millennials, young professionals, people who travel for work, etc.
3. What does this ad tell you about the product? (See your textbook)
Is this ad establishing awareness of the product, trying to “inoculate” you against the claims of competitors, or simply just reinforcing your trust in the product because you already use/have it?
Read through the section in your textbook about analyzing ads and try to pick which one of the broad categories presented your chosen ad falls into, and how you as the consumer of the ad fit into the concepts presented.
Need to refere the chapter and external font!
I’ll help get you started:
2016’s GE ad about MIT professor emerita Millie Dresselhaus is my pick for most memorable/favorite ad in recent years. I think the story arc about applying the celebrity treatment to scientists and researchers is brilliant, and reflects an important undercurrent in education right now that is encouraging young students, but especially girls, to get/stay interested in STEM.
I think this ad requires a bit more media literacy than other ads to “unpack” its message, because there are a few key components to consider. For example, it’s important to know the current state of gender representation in the science, tech, and engineering industries; women comprise just 12 percent of engineers and 26 percent of computer scientists per a 2015 study by AAUW.
It’s also important to understand that this ad is a direct response to the establishment of multiple nonprofit/education programs that provide education ad training in these fields to students of all ages (and sexes) in order to help motivate the next generation of coders, engineers, and scientists. Lastly, it’s important to keep in mind that GE is a massive multinational conglomerate, so their push to increase the number of scientists, researchers, and engineers (among many other field positions) through this ad will only benefit their bottom line.
So while I find this ad really moving and certainly meaningful, it takes a little flexing of those media literacy muscles to realize that their inspirational message behind this is quite intentional and very, very strategic.

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