3 discussion

Select three of the following questions and answer in a short answer each of about six to twelve
sentences. Your response should be structured like a paragraph with a topic sentence and supporting
details. Use specifics from the story/stories to develop your response.
1. Discuss how the setting of “A Jury of Her Peers” helps to explain Minnie’s situation.
2. Discuss the way the men’s character led them to ignore the key pieces of evidence that pointed
to motive in the murder of John Wright.
3. Discuss the way point of view works to show the reader Martha Hale’s perspective.
4. Through point of view, we know what is on Martha Hale’s mind. What does the narrator tell us
about other characters through Martha Hale’s perspective?
5. Point of view in “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” seems to shift from the opening scene to
the rest of the story. Explain how this shift allows for a dramatic rendering of the events in the
6. How did Farquhar’s character lead him to take a chance for the Southern cause? What did his
gamble cost him?

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