Spring 2022 – Nutrition (KNH-2620-01)

Spring 2022 – Nutrition (KNH-2620-01)
Listen to or read transcript of “This American Life: Tell Me I’m fat” Podcast https://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/589/tell-me-im-fat . Listen to all acts. You can also find the podcast on the NPR app, Apple podcast, or however you listen to podcast.
Write a reaction/opinion paper about the podcast. Be sure that your paper contains an opinion or reaction, this is not a summary paper.
Paper requirements: 3 full pages, double space, 1” margins, 12 point font, citations APA or MLA format – even though this is a reaction or opinion paper please refrain from any disparaging or derogatory and any other remarks that would consider your words unprofessional.
Optional questions to consider: (You are welcome to write without answering these questions but if you need a prompt consider these):

What is your reaction to normalizing the idea of fat?

How do you feel about equating coming out fat to coming out LGBTQ+ ?

Do you notice individuals that are overweight/obese?

Did you find yourself having any bias as you listen to the podcast?

Did you relate to any of the guests? how so?

Did any of the guest annoy you? why?

What is your overall reaction after listening to the podcast?

How has this podcast changed or not changed your thoughts about individuals who are overweight/obese?

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