Presentation based on the article: The impact of the potential duration of

Presentation based on the article: The impact of the potential duration of unemployment benefits on the duration of unemployment, Katz and Meyer (1990)
Please base the presentation on the article. I will email a downloaded PDF version of the article.
This assignment involves an individual presentation of 15 minutes followed by a 5 minute question and answer session on the topic of unemployment. You will be randomly assigned one of four journals (see table 1 below). Your task is to summarize the journal in a presentation and present this to your class mates.
In this assessment the following learning outcomes will be covered:

• Review a selected economic topic from a broad historical, philosophical and ethical perspective;

• Present economic data and information using a variety of approaches and a range of different media, demonstrating the development of students’ academic skills.

An individual and particularly effective approach to the material or topic, an intellectually stimulating experience for the other students in the seminar which provokes lively discussion (if appropriate), particular subtlety of argument or interpretation of primary sources, exceptional presentation skills, including good use of a clear and informative visual aids if appropriate, very effective communication of the subject matter and argument to the student audience.

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