Political Science 2: “Thesis Assignment” Instructions

Political Science 2: “Thesis Assignment” Instructions
As you can see in the course work schedule you have a “Thesis Assignment” due no later than Sunday, March 27th, by 11:59 p.m. The central aim of the Thesis Assignment is to prevent you from procrastinating on your Nation-State paper. Specifically, the Thesis Assignment simply requires that you draft the introductory paragraph of your Nation-State Paper and submit it online so that I can see that you are on the right track. As mentioned above, the introductory paragraph of your Nation-State paper should be roughly half a page to three quarters of a page in length (so your Thesis Assignment doesn’t require that much writing at all). Your introductory paragraph should clearly explain the political conflict and/or issue that you will be addressing with respect to your chosen “nation-state.” This means your introductory paragraph (written in the 3rd Person, not the 1st person) should clearly assert the argument that your paper will be making with respect to how your country’s specific political conflict (and/or issue) emerges and acquires its distinctive theoretical form. Do not forget that you cannot do your paper on the United States.
Keep in mind that before you can effectively begin to draft your introductory paragraph you must first complete some preliminary research on your topic so that you have at least some basic understanding of what you should be arguing about. Perhaps you may already have in your mind some notion of the broader contours of your argument but in order to focus it like a laser you will have to familiarize yourself with some scholarly articles and/or books that have already examined the topic more critically. A great place to begin searching for scholarly sources is to go to our school web site at www.wlac.edu (Links to an external site.). Once you are on the home page simply look to the bottom of your screen and you will see the “Library” tab. Click on it and this will take you to our internal library database system. Once you are in the new screen/window simply click on “Databases” on the left hand side of the page and this will take you to a listing of online article databases. Now it is up to you to peruse and to do the “grunt” work of researching but let me at least point you in the right direction by suggesting some of the more useful article databases for doing social science research. For starters, check out “Academic Search Complete.” This is a great database for finding scholarly, peer-reviewed articles, but you are going to have to take time to refine your search accordingly in order to grab what you are looking for. I would also look at other databases, such as “CQ Researcher,” “Political Science Complete,” “Academic One File,” “Opposing Viewpoints in Context,” and even “LexisNexis” or “ProQuest.” Of course there are additional databases available in our system so take the time to browse more carefully but these are some of the ones that other students have indicated were useful for writing their papers.
Of course, you do not have to rely solely on West LA’s library database system, so feel free to use your local library or another school system’s library database. All I care is that the articles that you retrieve to develop this research paper are mostly scholarly and peer-reviewed so wherever you acquire them is ultimately up to you. Bottom line, do not forget to upload this “Thesis Assignment” on time and to make sure that you formulate an introductory paragraph that accomplishes everything that I just mentioned above. You are being graded on this short writing assignment so take it seriously. I am essentially looking to see how effectively you introduce your topic and how clearly you convey your political argument concerning your respective country’s internal political dynamics. Make sure that your spelling, punctuation, and grammar are all sound and above all make sure that your thesis is not vague or indirect, but rather persuasive and razor sharp. The better you can meet these standards the higher your score will be on this particular thesis assignment.
Lastly, make sure to include a Cover Page for this Thesis Assignment. Just put your name on it, the section number for our course, and the title “Thesis Assignment.” Make sure to upload your Thesis Assignment as a Word or PDF document that I can open up!
Part 2: due Apr 17—-5 Page
Political Science 2: “Nation-State” Paper Instructions
For your Nation-State paper you are to select a country of your choosing (any country throughout the world except the United States) and then formulate an argument with respect to anything that relates to that country’s internal political dynamics. In effect, what you are doing is examining some political feature, characteristic, or conflict within your country and then explaining its functioning (or theoretical form) through a carefully researched argument. Topical concerns abound as to what you can argue about with respect to your country, including issues dealing with public policy, political culture, political participation, racial or ethnic conflict, economic inequality, religious sectarianism, gender inequality, or even your country’s electoral system. Just keep in mind that the argument that you ultimately make must be “political” in nature and therefore must address the political stakes that are in play concerning the topic that you are researching.
Your Nation-State paper must be 5-6 pages in length, double-spaced throughout, use only 12 Point Times New Roman Font, and include a Cover Page with your name, a title for your paper, and the section number of our class. The Cover Page and Reference List do not count towards your final page count.
Your Nation-State paper must use 6-8 scholarly peer-reviewed sources. Using less than 6 sources will lower your score but you may exceed 8 sources. Aim to acquire mainly scholarly peer-reviewed sources. Search for scholarly sources in the electronic library database system available through our home page on www.wlac.edu.
Your Nation-State paper should not be merely descriptive but also analytical, and include a clearly stated thesis. Please make sure to underline your thesis in the introductory paragraph of your paper so that I can clearly see that you recognize precisely what argument you are attempting to defend.
In this paper you will only be using APA formatting. APA formatting is customary for social science papers. You can find information on APA formatting at https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/ (Links to an external site.). On this site is information to help you formulate proper APA “in-text and Reference List mechanics. Make sure that you are citing information accurately and ethically.
Keep in mind that what you are essentially writing is a research paper, not an “opinion editorial.” What I mean by this is that your paper’s analysis (its reasoning, if you will) can only be driven by the sources that you bring to bear to defend it. So do your best to find good sources!
It goes without saying that grammar, spelling, punctuation, and reference style will all be taken into consideration as part of your final grade.

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