Assignment 1 – Case Study on E-Retailing/E-Marketing (70%)

Assignment 1 – Case Study on E-Retailing/E-Marketing (70%)
Please take some time to view the following four videos (at least twice) on the future of shopping.
Video 1. Alibaba’s New Retail Experience (5mins)

Video 2. Retail 2020: 5 Technologies (6mins)

Video 3. Supermarket 2020: A vision of the future (4 mins)

Video 4. Location Based Marketing (3 mins)

Now answer the following 4 questions:
1. Does the huge growth in ‘online shopping’ really mean the extinction of the traditional ‘high street’ store…or can Alibaba’s ‘New Retail’ (Video 1) help them to successfully coexist?
2. Discuss the 5 ‘New’ technologies outlined in video 2 and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each technology.
3. In video 3 we see Symphony Retail’s vision of Supermarket 2020. Discuss what your Supermarket of the future would look like and what it should contain/not contain.
4. We are told that Location-Based Marketing is about connecting people, places and media (Video 4). What are the ethical considerations around businesses knowing every ‘place’ we visit?
Word Limit: 2,500 words (+/- 10%) and (No introduction or conclusion is required for this assignment)

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