Select and reflect on two (or more) different interesting inter-personal dynamics or behavioral incidences that you have experienced/observed at your internship. If relevant, pick one that you think is negative and one that is positive.
1. Describe what happened, and how different people – including you — behaved and responded. Discuss how each of these dynamics or events impacted you personally. How did they make you feel? How do you think others felt, or would have felt in the same situation? What did the dynamics make you think about?
2. Analyze each dynamic or incident “sociologically,” drawing on perspectives you have studied during the course of your major. (For example, think about how what you have studied in a course on social psychology, deviance, race and ethnic relations, or gender, etc. might shed light on the dynamic.)
***Reference and discuss at least one sociological theory and how it applies to your analysis.
3. What personal lessons did you learn? What relevant lessons do you think others could learn, both negative and positive?
4. Remember to draw on and reference at least one theme from any of the assigned readings.
5. Optional: End with an interesting/amusing/moving anecdote or observation related to your internship work.

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