Utilize the Street Law handout (in files)

Writing comparable to a High School AP Student
Minimum of 5 sources, cited at least 3x minimum
of the sources must be from JStor
Must have sources cited page
thesis should center on the extent to which the case in question is a
“landmark” decision
1. Utilize the Street Law handout (in files)
Background/Context of the Case you are assigned
Previous SCOTUS decisions laid the
groundwork for this case as spelled out by the Street law handout and JSTOR articles.
Analysis of the decision… What were the lines of reasoning that led the
court to the decision? To what extent, if any, did this decision derive from
the reasoning of earlier decisions?
Analysis of the dissent…What were the key points
made by the justices in the dissent of the case?
Why is it a landmark decision? What impact did it have in the area of
…..(whatever the case was about)…..
Through your research identify the extent to which the key findings,
rights, or principles declared by this decision might be modified or overturned
in the future. In other words, what are
the future implications of this decision.

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