Capstone Essay criminal justice. For this essay, students are to find a recent

Capstone Essay
For this
essay, students are to find a recent news story related to criminal justice and
write an essay to discuss contemporary issues manifested in this story. In the
essays and discussions, students are expected to integrate all knowledge learned
from the CJ courses they have taken so far.
Minimum Requirements:
Use the following headings:
1. Summary (summarize the story);
2. Contemporary issue (identity what issues you want to
illustrate with this story.
3. Commentary (in your words, discuss how the society and/or
the CJ system should address the issue);
4. Discussion (propose one or more discussion questions
related to your news story). In other words, propose related questions I could
ask other students in my class to prompt discussion.
A web link needs to be provided so that
others can read the whole news story.
Below is my news story for this assignment. Both links
are the same story; however, one article has some information that the other
does not. The primary article is the first one listed. The second article can
be used to reference.
Missouri man jailed for over 40 years
exonerated; judge says he was wrongfully convicted of 3 killings:
Missouri inmate jailed for 4 decades on
triple murder say’s he’s innocent. The prosecutors agree:
These are the Contemporary Issues I believe exist in
the article (if there are any other contemporary issues that you see exist,
please state and expound on them):
– Wrongful convictions based on lack of evidence and over the sentencing of minorities.
– Eye witness testimony unreliable source of evidence.
– Lack of diversity injuries.

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