Research Term Paper Requirments. You will need to hand in (via Blackboard Safe a

Research Term Paper Requirments.
You will need to hand in (via Blackboard Safe assign) a tax research term paper. The following are the minimum requirements.
1. You need to research any FEDERAL TAX TOPIC that you like.
• Topic: Child Tax Credit/Credit for Other Dependents
2. You need to cite the Internal Revenue Code section that it pertains to.
3. You need to summarize, and research 1 outside court case that deals with your tax topic
4. You need to summarize and research an outside tax article that deals with your tax topic.
5. The last paragraph of your paper should be your overall thoughts, and opinion of your topic, what you liked, disliked and what can be done to revise that code section
6. It should be between 8-10 pages, double space, Font 12, Times New Roman. A work cited page, would be in ADDITION to the 8-10 pages above.
7. Each requirement that is met, will receive 5%, for a total of 20% of your grade. For example, if you leave out item number 5 above, the maximum percentage you will receive (assuming the rest is completed correctly) would be 15% out of a possible 20%.
For example: If a student wants to research about charitable contributions, they would find the Internal Revenue Code Section, “Section XX”. Then they would find a tax court case that deals with charitable contributions. Then they would find an article that deals with this same topic. Then their last paragraph should be their overall thoughts on the topic (charitable contributions).
Sources that a student can use for the outside article include, but are not limited to: Wall Street Journal, NY Times, CPA Journal, Tax Adviser, and other relevant scholarly articles. We do NOT want students to use, NY Post, Daily News, US Weekly, People Magazine etc. If you are not sure if you article is scholarly or not, you may email it to me, or come to the zoom office hours to discuss.

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